Interior Basement Tiling

Interior Basement Tiling Services in the Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Waverly and Surrounding Areas


Protect your investment and prevent basement leaks and cracks

Rainwater seeps into the soil around your home and builds up pressure against your foundation walls. This “hydrostatic pressure” can exert tons of force causing your basement to leak and crack. We can relieve that pressure and protect your investment by installing interior basement tiling.

The information and pictures below explain the process and how it works.

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Steps in the Basement Tiling Process

Floor Removal

1. Cut and Remove Floor

The basement floor is cut and removed at the perimeter. The material is excavated to a depth of approximately 12”.
Install Sump

2. Install Rock and Sump Pump/Pit

Drain tile surrounded by washed rock is installed and routed to the sump pit and pump.
Relief Holes

3. Drill Relief Holes

Relief holes are drilled in each block core and a floor edging/drainage mat is installed to allow water in the block cores to continue to drain into the tile trench.
Vapor Barrier E1615564687341

4. Install Vapor Barrier and New Floor

Vapor barrier is installed over the tile and washed rock and new concrete is poured to return the floor to its original level.

With Magee Construction Company, we’ll take your dream from vision to reality.

Aspects of a Quality Construction Company

Construction can be time-consuming, expensive, and stressful – we seek to alleviate your concerns and make the construction process as smooth as possible.

We know the importance of meeting budgets and deadlines, and our crews do everything possible to meet yours. That way, you don’t have to stress about unexpected costs or lengthy projects.

Additionally, we want you to be as happy as possible with our finished product. That’s why we outline the entire process for you, as well as stick to strict quality standards and materials.

If you want an interior basement tiling construction company that cares about your needs, call Magee Construction Company today at 319-277-0100.

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