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Are you wanting to add on to your home but can’t quite envision how it will all come together?

Or is there no room to expand and you need some help making your available space more usable? Maybe you want to update the exterior of your home but you’re not quite sure what entry design would work best. With so many new products out there how can you be sure you are choosing the ones best suited to your situation?

These are all questions that we at Magee Construction Company can help you answer. With today’s technology we can take your ideas and weave them into a working plan. Our designers have kept pace with current building trends and the myriad of new products out there, and can take your project from concept to completion – often exceeding your expectations.

Generally speaking, a Design/Build Contractor is a contractor who has the resources and trained professionals to not only build your project but design it from the ground up. The advantages are many. Imagine sharing your ideas with someone who will turn them into a working plan and then manage the project from start to finish so that even the smallest details aren’t overlooked.

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It all starts with your ideas.

What is the goal of your project? Are you trying to gain more space, update the look, make your house more energy efficient or build an entirely new home? Consider what you want the end result to accomplish.

Next, consider the financial end of the project. Talk with your lender, explore your financing options, if necessary, and define a workable budget for the project. Consider the value of improving your home in terms of resale but, most importantly, in terms of what it will add to the enjoyment and satisfaction of everyday living.

Now, get down to the details. Do you have pictures that you’ve collected of a certain look or style you have in mind? Maybe you’ve saved a clipping of the perfect fireplace or the ultimate deck. All of these things are important. They give our designers a sense of your priorities and taste. Your home is an extension of your personality and our designers can tap into that uniqueness to create the right plan for you.

Why Magee Construction Company?

Magee Construction Company has a history of successful projects in our local community and surrounding areas

You want someone who has been working in the area long enough to have developed a strong working relationship with local subcontractors, material suppliers and the local building department.

These are all important in making your project flow smoothly. Magee Construction has developed trusted relationships with all of the subcontractors and suppliers we work with. We are known for our integrity, professionalism and consistency in producing an end product of the highest quality.

More than ever, when working with a one-stop shop for both designing and building your project, it is critical that you make sure they are a licensed contractor who complies with all of the local building codes and insurance requirements – Magee Construction is that contractor. At Magee Construction our designers consult with engineers and product manufacturers to ensure a sound structure and a lasting finished product.

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Our customer testimonials and project photos demonstrate our ability to handle projects of any scope and size.

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How Do We Proceed?

Your designer/project manager can take photos and measurements of your home as it is, develop a blue-print (or expand on an existing blue-print) and present you with conceptual renderings of how the home will look once it’s completed.

This is especially helpful to anyone who has trouble visualizing the end result.
Today’s technology makes it possible to see the finished product before actual construction begins.
Realistic renderings give you the opportunity to envision color options, room layouts, landscaping possibilities and traffic flow patterns.

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The process also gives you the opportunity to explore options that work within your defined budget. Our designers can offer suggestions and solutions to better utilize space and resources and then visually demonstrate how those solutions will reshape the plan. They can move a wall, add a window and show you on-screen how the changes will affect the over-all appearance and design, both inside and out. All the time, making sure that the structural integrity of the home isn’t compromised.

So if you’ve been anxious to make some changes but haven’t known where to start or exactly what you want, Magee Construction can lead you through the process. You could find yourself living in the home you’ve always wanted without ever having to change your address!

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