Home Restoration Services in Cedar Falls, Waterloo, Waverly and Surrounding Areas

Suffering through the ordeal of a fire, flood, or burst water pipes is hard enough. Suffering through the complexities of restoring a home and dealing with insurance paperwork can be even harder. That’s why Magee Construction Company is here to help. From the moment the damage happens to the final restoration day, we guide you through the home restoration process without hassle or stress.

The Dangers of Damage

Home restoration is necessary to protect against structural damage and health hazards. Otherwise, you end up with permanent damage such as:

  • Burned furnishings and appliances
  • Scorched walls and floors
  • Toxic smoke
  • Contaminated water
  • Ruined carpets, walls, and furnishings
  • Mold and mildew

Don’t risk your health and your life. As soon as possible, call the home restoration experts for help.

The Reliability of Magee Construction Company

When you need to choose a home restoration company, you need one that will not only provide quality results but also effective communication and help with the insurance company.

Magee Construction Company has the experience to ensure quality results for any size of property and any severity of damage. We know the best tools, techniques, and technology to get your home back to like-new condition.

Additionally, we ensure that you stay informed and part of the process with our continual communication. Whether you have questions or concerns, or just need a status update, we’re here for you 24/7.

Best of all, we do the hard work of communicating with your insurance company. We help you through the claim paperwork, speak to the insurance on your behalf, and ensure that you get the results you deserve.

All of these are why locals have recognized us as “Best of the Best” in Cedar Falls, IA; Waterloo, IA; and the Cedar Valley area. When you need home restoration services, you need Magee Construction Company.

Call us now at 319-277-0100, and we’ll be on our way as quickly as possible.


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Restoration Testimonials

“Mark and I were completely devastated when fire destroyed our home. Our insurance adjuster put us in touch with Magee Construction. They showed us a plan to reconstruct our home, worked with us to incorporate our ideas, and gave us helpful ideas along the way. The house quickly changed from a disaster to a beautiful, well-constructed home. The quality of their workmanship is superior! We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to have Magee Construction rebuild our home.”
Our Sincerest Thanks,
– C.R.

“After fire destroyed our home we were fortunate to have the Magee Construction team rebuild for us. They helped make a difficult time much easier for us. They were very personable, as well as, dedicated to quality and detail. We are proud to have a “Magee built” home.”
– M. & L. J.

“The unthinkable happened to our family at 11:00 AM on November 8, 2005. At 2:00 the same day the unbelievable happened; an entire team of professionals from Magee’s were at our home. From the neighbors’ perspective all they did was put some plywood in place; for my wife and I they put our world on the road to recovery.


By 5:00 PM, we had a starting plan and at 8:00AM the next day there was a crew working in and around the our home. Without a doubt, my wife and I were devastated by our fire loss. With the help we got on day one from Wayne Magee and his team, we knew we were not defeated.


From design, to tear-out and rebuilding, they have been great to work with. It really make you feel good when the Fire Marshall and the insurance adjuster both tell you, ‘You could not be in better hands.’ They were right.”
– D.E.C.

“I’m writing to you to express my family’s sincere appreciation for the great job that was done on my mother’s house in Gilbertville Everyone that was sent to the site did a truly outstanding job.


Denny and Darin were a great team, and were able to do all the things I kept coming up with, and they never complained. They were gifted carpenters and craftsmen, and fantastic representatives of your Company.

That brings us to David Holien. He came to Mom’s house on the day of the fire and gave us a boost of confidence that was sorely needed. His compassion for Mom’s situation never waned, and it was apparent to us that he really cared that Mom would have her house back, in better shape than it was before. He called Mom ‘Mom’ from the first day and that helped her fell at ease with him. His sense of humor…well let’s just say it grows on ya, O.K.? Actually, I can’t imagine finding a better guy to put in charge of this project.


In closing, I’d like to express a heartfelt ‘Thank-You’ to everyone involved. It was a great experience working with your Company at a very difficult time. THANK YOU!!
– M.K. and Family

We Provide

  • Lightning quick response
  • Direct and effective communication with your insurance company
  • 24-hour answering service
  • Guaranteed end results

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